Since the Andrew W. Mellon Report came out we have been ruminating on what the findings indicate about inclusion in museums. We also wrote a recent piece which explored some of the current issues related to museum employment and labor. The Mellon report showed that museum staff have become 60% female over the last decade […]


  This year has been full of great collaborations, exciting changes and new opportunities for the Incluseum! As the year ends and we prepare to move forward, we are grateful for the time to reflect on the many projects we have been part of in 2015. Here are several highlights from our year related to the Incluseum […]

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Amidst the holidays, our article Bringing Self-Examination to the Center of Social Justice Work in Museums was published in Museum Magazine’s Jan/Feb issue on Diversity in the Workplace. You can access the full article here. We would love to hear what you think!


A year ago, a group of museum bloggers released a joint statement in response to the events that had taken place in Ferguson and beyond. The statement was accompanied by a Twitter chat that was facilitated by Aleia Brown and Adrianne Russell –#museumrespondtoferguson. They’ve continued to host #museumrespondtoferguson Twitter chats on a regular basis over the last […]


Recently, Nina Simon reached out to Gretchen Jennings and the Incluseum to prompt a discussion about whether we should collaborate on a holiday “gift guide for change” where we all shared a list of radically inclusive projects we would be giving to this year, because, she observed, “museum professionals don’t necessarily put their money where […]

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Over the last three years of our work with the Incluseum, we’ve thought, written, and talked extensively of the power of words. For example, our first digital exhibition, The Power of Labeling, used the power of words as its premise. Working through the medium of the blog, however, we became dissatisfied with our ad-hoc and fractured […]


We’re excited to announce the launch of our collaborators Porchia Moore’s and nikhil trivedi’s timely new project: Visitors of Color. Underlying our field’s discussions on “diversity and inclusion” is a desire to serve more members of our local communities, especially those who have been historically (and are still currently) underrepresented among our visitors. These conversations are often devoid […]


Later today the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center will be launching the premiere of their new exhibition, H-1B, to mark the upcoming anniversary of the creation of the H1-B Visa through the Immigration Act of 1990. The SmithsonianAPA is uniquely positioned as a Smithsonian initiative and digital exhibition space: Established in 1997 as an initiative critical to the mission […]

We have been following Vu Le’s NonprofitWithBalls.com for awhile now for Le’s candid reflections on fundraising, community engagement best (and worst) practices and much more. We are excited to be co-sponsoring an upcoming discussion lead by Le at the University of Washington and hosted by the UW Museology Program. Judging from the title, this event is one all you Unicorns absolutely […]

Salma arrived in Glasgow in 2010, with her husband and children. She has been working with the Open Museum, sharing her story and working with illustrator Wil Freeborn to create artworks reflecting key moments of her journey to, and life in Glasgow. Illustration credit Wil Freeborn

I only recently learned of the Open Museum in Glasgow, Scotland. This museum is part of the broader Glasgow Museums and is focused on bringing collections to people around the city. Not only does the Open Museum has traveling exhibitions and handling kits, it works to develop exhibitions with and for local groups. As stated […]


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