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In anticipation of the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting and Expo in Seattle (our home sweet home) this year, we have planned a coinciding May Happy Hour Event!  Whether you are an Incluseum reader, supporter or blogger from near or far (and in town for AAM or just because) we hope you will consider joining […]


The Incluseum has been expanding lately; partnering with new regular blog contributors, as well as participating in public art projects and guest editing a journal focused on social issues and museums.  We have had aspirations to expand the function of the Incluseum blog into a project that includes more real-time programming. We thought long and hard […]


In her last couple posts, our regular contributor Porchia Moore encouraged us to re-think how we speak of and envision diversity and open authority in museums. This month, she shares with us her vision for what she has coined the “Kaleidoscope Museum”, a museum that is, at its core, racially diverse and in which visitors of […]


Kate Zankowicz is a museum educator at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and a doctoral candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. She blogged for us back in November on object-based, multi-sensory learning at the ROM.  This week, she shares with us an interview she conducted with Elizabeth Novak, a Royal Ontario […]

Pictured are our Digital Storytellers: Isis Asare, Mian Carvin, Margaret Elisabeth, Jacque Larrainzar, Fia Gibbs, Petra Davis, Caleb Hernandez and Jourdan Keith.  Photo by Angelica Macklin.

The last couple blogpost we published focused on Revealing Queer, an exhibition currently on view at the Museum of Industry and History in Seattle, WA that was spearheaded by Queering the Museum (QTM) and relied on a community-based approach to curation (read: Part 1 and Part 2).  Today, we host Nicole Robert, Doctoral Candidate in Feminist Studies […]

Entry to Revealing Queer Exhibit. Photo courtesy of Barbie Hull Photography.

Recently, Jana Greenslit, Incluseum contributor and intern (read more about Jana on our About page) sat down with Erin Bailey to discuss the Revealing Queer exhibit at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the project the exhibit emerged out of, Queering the Museum.  Because Revealing Queer has recently opened and is on view to the public we hope that […]

Barbie Hull Photography

Recently, Jana Greenslit, Incluseum contributor and intern (read more about Jana on our About page) sat down with Erin Bailey to discuss the Revealing Queer exhibit at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the project the exhibit emerged out of, Queering the Museum.  Because Revealing Queer has recently opened and is on view […]


After a long break, we’re excited to  host our second blogpost from our regular contributor, Porchia Moore (find her first post here). This month, she discusses the topic of Open Authority in museums with a focus on what this concept might mean for communities of color as visitors. She invites us to think critically about […]


A couple years ago, I heard a staff member from Cool Culture speak at the American Alliance of Museum Conference. I was, and still an, impressed by the work this New-York based organization is doing in terms of connecting low-income families with cultural institutions; essentially serving as a bridge and mediator. This week, we hear […]


We are so pleased to welcome Porchia Moore as a new regular Incluseum blog contributor this week. When we were introduced to Porchia’s work, which uses Critical Race Theory as a lens for understanding museum spaces as platforms for inclusion and explores intersections between culture, technology, information, and race, we got very excited! Porchia’s first guest post […]


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