Later today the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center will be launching the premiere of their new exhibition, H-1B, to mark the upcoming anniversary of the creation of the H1-B Visa through the Immigration Act of 1990. The SmithsonianAPA is uniquely positioned as a Smithsonian initiative and digital exhibition space: Established in 1997 as an initiative critical to the mission […]

We have been following Vu Le’s for awhile now for Le’s candid reflections on fundraising, community engagement best (and worst) practices and much more. We are excited to be co-sponsoring an upcoming discussion lead by Le at the University of Washington and hosted by the UW Museology Program. Judging from the title, this event is one all you Unicorns absolutely […]

Salma arrived in Glasgow in 2010, with her husband and children. She has been working with the Open Museum, sharing her story and working with illustrator Wil Freeborn to create artworks reflecting key moments of her journey to, and life in Glasgow. Illustration credit Wil Freeborn

I only recently learned of the Open Museum in Glasgow, Scotland. This museum is part of the broader Glasgow Museums and is focused on bringing collections to people around the city. Not only does the Open Museum has traveling exhibitions and handling kits, it works to develop exhibitions with and for local groups. As stated […]


Last week, Aletheia and I were in Minneapolis to work on a project we are developing (with a handful of other folks) at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (more on that in the near future). While in town, we got to witness the arrival of the 2015 Museum Network Conference attendees, which included our friend […]

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Over the past several months, a handful of Incluseumers have been reflecting on and unifying three topics that are usually treated as separate–the perception of museums as public white spaces, activism within the museum field, and museum employment. Our goal in unifying these three topics is to highlight how they are already inextricably linked and […]


Today we bring you a special Incluseum edition of Taboo. This edition focuses on words commonly used in museums that are also highly coded (take on meanings based on context and association that are implied and not explicit). These words have positive connotations, which means that associating ourselves with them marks our institutions and practices […]


We’re excited to publish a new post by our regular contributor Porchia Moore. In this post, she discusses assumptions and biases that hide beneath the use of the term “community.” How do you use the term “community” at your museum? Who comes to mind and doesn’t come to mind? This post is in line with many […]

The Incluseum was honored to be invited to last week’s “Diversity and Inclusion in the 21st Century: Reimagining The Future of Museums” Invitational Workshop, which I (Aletheia) attended. The workshop was hosted in Washington, D.C. by the National Museum of African Art and Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole and made possible by a grant from the […]

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Did you know that MuseumNext hosted its first conference in the U.S. last month? Since neither Aletheia nor I were able to attend, I asked Alyssa Greenberg from #MuseumWorkersSpeak to share her thoughts and impressions with me. They became formalized in the following blogpost. If you want to continue this conversation, please join today’s #MuseumWorkersSpeak […]


Sarah Olivo recently completed her Masters research at the UW School of Museology and you can now read a blog post inspired by Sarah’s findings, “Rocking the Boat: Exhibition Methods of Storytelling the Experience of Gender and Sexuality in Museums” over on the wonderful Queering the Museum (QTM) blog. We recommend checking out Sarah’s piece for […]


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