Supporters from across Chicago participate in the Museum's first "Greening the Grounds" in August 2014. Photo Credit: NPHM.

This year I was fortunate to meet Todd Palmer, Associate Director and Curator, and Daniel Ronan, Manager of Public Engagement at the National Public Housing Museum (NPHM) in Chicago.  I had only recently heard about this ongoing Museum project and couldn’t wait to hear more from these great folks about a museum that describes itself like this: The […]


Last week on our blog we heard from Incluseum blogger nikhil trivedi who wrote about oppression and how work to end oppression is distinctly tied to the goals of museums who wish to serve “everybody.” On The Incluseum blog we often talk about socially inclusive practices that museums can use to combat oppression – reinvest […]


We just met Monica Montgomery who is involved with many amazing projects in New York, including the Museum of Impact, a people powered, purpose driven, social justice museum (!!!). Today we’re excited to help promote the Museum of Impact’s first event, a dialogue with New York based activists taking place on 2/16. Tune in to hear […]


As some of you know, we recently collaborated with a group of museum bloggers to draft a joint statement about the responsibility we believe museums have to respond the events like those that took place in Ferguson (i.e., police brutality disproportionality targeting Black men, etc.). We then took this statement a step further with a […]


We’re back from our short break! And to get us going again, we’re picking up where we left off: Museums responding to Ferguson. In our last post, we mentioned there had been a significant amount of discussion taking place on Twitter through the hashtag #museumsrespondtoferguson. In fact, a couple cool museum peeps–Aleia Brown and Adrianne Russell, coordinated […]


A couple weeks ago, a group of museum and arts bloggers (including Incluseumers) got together digitally to draft a joint statement urging U.S. museums to respond to events like those that recently took place in Ferguson and beyond. At this time of escalating outcry about police brutality and unnecessary use of force targeting black people, […]


In the weeks that have followed the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, museums and museum professionals across the country have been wondering how to respond. A twitter hashtag, #MuseumsRespondToFerguson, was launched the day after the verdict announcement to promote and […]

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In mid-October the Incluseum was honored with the request to facilitate an Incluseum Design Session during the first part of the Museum of Northwest Art’s (MONA) annual staff retreat.  We leaped at this opportunity! As a project that advocates for social inclusion in museums, supporting museums and their staff with resources as they openly dive […]


About a year ago, we came across the Social Justice Alliance for Museums (SJAM), a project led by National Museums Liverpool. SJAM is a growing international network of museums and similar organizations that have come together to affirm that museums can play a role in attaining greater social justice. The website hosts several examples of how […]


Our friends at the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative put together a list of selected resources related to racial equity we thought we’d share here. And since we’re on the topic, I would like to recommend The People’s Institute‘s workshop Undoing Institutional Racism to all museum professionals, especially those interested in working […]


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