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Twitter Chat: #museumsrespondtoferguson

We’re back from our short break! And to get us going again, we’re picking up where we left off: Museums responding to Ferguson. In our last post, we mentioned there had been a significant amount of discussion taking place on Twitter through the hashtag #museumsrespondtoferguson. In fact, a couple cool museum peeps–Aleia Brown and Adrianne Russell, coordinated […]


Joint Statement from Museum Bloggers and Colleagues on Ferguson and Related Events

A couple weeks ago, a group of museum and arts bloggers (including Incluseumers) got together digitally to draft a joint statement urging U.S. museums to respond to events like those that recently took place in Ferguson and beyond. At this time of escalating outcry about police brutality and unnecessary use of force targeting black people, […]


Responding to the Events in Ferguson and Beyond: The Northwest African American Museum’s Example

In the weeks that have followed the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, museums and museum professionals across the country have been wondering how to respond. A twitter hashtag, #MuseumsRespondToFerguson, was launched the day after the verdict announcement to promote and […]

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Incluseum Design Session with Museum of Northwest Art

In mid-October the Incluseum was honored with the request to facilitate an Incluseum Design Session during the first part of the Museum of Northwest Art’s (MONA) annual staff retreat.  We leaped at this opportunity! As a project that advocates for social inclusion in museums, supporting museums and their staff with resources as they openly dive […]


Social Justice Alliance of Museums (SJAM)

About a year ago, we came across the Social Justice Alliance for Museums (SJAM), a project led by National Museums Liverpool. SJAM is a growing international network of museums and similar organizations that have come together to affirm that museums can play a role in attaining greater social justice. The website hosts several examples of how […]


Racial Equity Resources

Our friends at the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative put together a list of selected resources related to racial equity we thought we’d share here. And since we’re on the topic, I would like to recommend The People’s Institute‘s workshop Undoing Institutional Racism to all museum professionals, especially those interested in working […]


Museumopolis: Teens Research and Prototype Museums of the Future

We are late to the Museumopolis party!  Museumopolis was a project that brought together 15 New York state public high school teens back in 2013 to ask and research the question “What’s the role of a museum in a city?” The project was part of the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Urban Investigations research and design […]

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Kerry James Marshall’s Commentary on Museums

This video isn’t new, but is worth re-visiting: You can hear more from Kerry James Marshall here.

A family participates in museum activities through the Access Membership Program at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.  Photo Credit: Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

4 Steps for Successful Museum Social Work

For over a year, Zac Stocks has been researching social work and the different contexts in which it is practiced by museums. This research was the basis of his recently completed thesis at the University of Washington’s School of Museology.  Before completing his Master’s Degree at UW Zac worked at museums for a number of years and […]


We Can’t Outsource Empathy Part II: Qualities of the Empathetic Museum

The Incluseum has long-admired Gretchen Jennings’ writing and advocacy for the framework of the “empathetic museum.”  But what is the Empathetic Museum and how can that idea be applied to current discourse surrounding diversity and inclusion in museums?  This guest post is Part II of Jennings’ thoughtful two-part response to AAM’s newly released diversity and […]


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