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Sites of Conscience: Truth, Reconciliation, Resistence

While The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience has been active since 1999, I am addressing their work today because what they do is crucial to and resonant with our current national moment.  They offer a hopeful example for many in the museum field who are here for the “long game” of building collective power to use memory […]

LACMA Intern Thoughts: Casta Paintings & Some Race Potion

By Angela E. Medrano *** I stood there. My feet were planted – absolutely cemented – to the floor. I was located in the Latin American Art galleries, fourth floor at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). As I walked along my ascribed 50-minute gallery tour, my eyes could not help but scan […]

Artifacts on Air

This week we are pleased to welcome guest blogger Emily Meikle, recent graduate of the Master of Museum Studies Program at the University of Toronto! I met Emily and heard about her work while attending sessions at the Ontario Museums Association Annual Meeting where I gave a keynote workshop together with Porchia Moore about designing (and […]

Oppression: A Museum Primer–Update

It’s been over a year since we published Oppression: A Museum Primer, and it still rings with relevance today. In this blogpost, our collaborator nikhil trivedi clarifies and expands on three points that were discussed in the article. * * * * This past year has been particularly difficult with heartbreaking mass shootings and police […]

The Dreamspace Project: A workbook and toolkit for critical praxis in the American art museum Part I

We are excited to feature the work of Alyssa Machida who, over the last couple years, has been weaving theory through practice to develop a workbook and toolkit entitled: “The Dreamspace Project: A Workbook and Toolkit for Critical Praxis in the American Art Museum.” In this first blogpost out of a three part series, Alyssa introduces us […]

New Resource for Museums Addressing Migration

This week we were so thrilled to hear about the new Blog, Museums and Migration, devoted to “Experiences, ideas and practices regarding migration and the refugee crisis,” and founded by Anna Chiara Cimoli and Maria Vlachou. They have issued a call on the blog for contributions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugese, which can […]

LGBTQ Alliance’s Welcoming Guidelines for Museums

Most of us agree that inclusion is important. However, we might be unsure how to activate this positive ideal in our daily professional practices. Where to begin when so much change and transformation seems needed? This week, we are excited to feature the Welcoming Guidelines that the LGBTQ Alliance, a professional network of the American […]

Engaging WITH Homeless Adults

A few years ago, I (Rose) had the pleasure of working with a Seattle-based non-profit organization called Path with Art. This organization offers art classes to adults who are recovering from homelessness and believes in the life-sustaining power of arts engagement. I was impressed by their approach: Path with Art partners with teaching artists and […]

The Why of D+I: An [Afro]futuristic Gaze at Race and Museums

This last year has seen a number of diversity and inclusion (D&I) related  initiatives in the museum field. These have included, but are not limited to the Diversity and Inclusion in the 21st Century:Reimagining The Future of Museums workshop at the Smithsonian, the MuseumNext 2015 Conference, and the recent Race and Museums: Transformation and Justice […]

Gender Equity and Museums

Since the Andrew W. Mellon Report came out we have been ruminating on what the findings indicate about inclusion in museums. We also wrote a recent piece which explored some of the current issues related to museum employment and labor. The Mellon report showed that museum staff have become 60% female over the last decade […]