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On The Move: Events, Workshops & Consulting

As the Incluseum enters its 5th year (!) we continue to publish new content from some amazing museum folks. Additionally, we are always working on projects in parallel. This year there have been new opportunities to travel to museums, conferences and events where we have been able to share about the Incluseum’s work and values as well as organize […]

Friday Fun: Incluseum Tote Bags

We are excited to share some year-end fun today: Incluseum swag! Incluseum tote bags are now available for sale here. If you get one, post a selfie of you sporting it & tag us!

A Statement, A Commitment

I posted the following to Facebook for The Incluseum on November 9, 2016 at 11:30am (original post here.) It was important that this statement also be permanently available here on the Incluseum blog. – Aletheia This post is to acknowledge the fear, anger, mourning and disillusionment that is reverberating in our nation and, needless to say, […]

Diversity Committee (DivCom) Events at AAM 2016

The 2016 American Alliance of Museum conference is quickly approaching! This year, the conference will be held Thursday May 26 through Sunday May 29 in Washington D.C. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be promoting different events and gatherings that are on our radar. Today, we are excited to share a series of events we have been coordinating through […]

Incluseum Happy Hour – In Los Angeles!

This year The Incluseum is giving a presentation at The Inclusive Museum Conference in LA!  Seems fitting, no? In anticipation of our time in LA, we have planned a coinciding Happy Hour Event.  Whether you are an Incluseum reader, supporter or blogger –  in town for the conference or just interested in stopping by to say […]