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Michelle Obama, “Activism”, and Museum Employment Part II

In this post, Aletheia, Porchia, and Rose want to respond to Elizabeth Merritt’s March 26th, 2015 blogpost entitled On Morning Coffee and Activism that appeared on the Center for the Future of Museum Blog. Here, we want to challenge the idea that race/racism is one issue among many museums get to pick from and address. We […]

Michelle Obama, “Activism”, and Museum Employment: Part I

Over the next few weeks, a handful of Incluseumers will reflect on and unify three topics that are usually treated as separate. At the end of each post, we’ll attach a worksheet with suggestions for how to work through some of the ideas we discuss. You can download and print these worksheets to initiate conversations […]

Incluseum Tour Notes on the Indigenous Beauty Exhibit

A few weeks back I had the pleasure to be invited to lead an Incluseum inspired My Favorite Things Tour of Indigenous Beauty, a traveling exhibit of Native American works from the Diker Collection, now on view at the Seattle Art Museum. I wanted to use this post to share the notes I used for […]

Twitter Chat: #museumsrespondtoferguson

We’re back from our short break! And to get us going again, we’re picking up where we left off: Museums responding to Ferguson. In our last post, we mentioned there had been a significant amount of discussion taking place on Twitter through the hashtag #museumsrespondtoferguson. In fact, a couple cool museum peeps–Aleia Brown and Adrianne Russell, coordinated […]

Joint Statement from Museum Bloggers and Colleagues on Ferguson and Related Events

A couple weeks ago, a group of museum and arts bloggers (including Incluseumers) got together digitally to draft a joint statement urging U.S. museums to respond to events like those that recently took place in Ferguson and beyond. At this time of escalating outcry about police brutality and unnecessary use of force targeting black people, […]

Responding to the Events in Ferguson and Beyond: The Northwest African American Museum’s Example

In the weeks that have followed the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, museums and museum professionals across the country have been wondering how to respond. A twitter hashtag, #MuseumsRespondToFerguson, was launched the day after the verdict announcement to promote and […]

Kerry James Marshall’s Commentary on Museums

This video isn’t new, but is worth re-visiting: You can hear more from Kerry James Marshall here.

Series on Multiculturalism in Museums on ArtMuseumTeaching.com

Throughout the month of August, ArtMuseumTeaching.com ran a series of blogposts related to the recently published book Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today. We have found the blogposts to be very interesting and wish to give them a boost on the Incluseum. Eggs, Oreos, & Solidarity: MCRP in Our Daily Lives by Melissa Crum, PhD. It’s Not Always […]

Exhibit Focus Fridays 1

In conjunction with our current exhibition, The Power of Labeling, we are pleased to present you with Exhibit Focus Fridays! Every Friday for the next few weeks, we will highlight an aspect of the exhibition, for example, a specific piece, an interview with an artist, a reflection regarding our process, and so on. This week, for our […]

Seven Ways to make the Museum System a Better Place for People of Color

The following post is as much candid reflection on the status quo in museums as it is,we feel, a call to action. Hannah Hong Frelot names the inequitable status quo in museums, focusing in on pervasive racial inequity, and presents the ways we may address these inequities directly. A trap for museums is to fall into complacency. […]