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Radical Trust

This month, our regular contributor Porchia Moore expands on the concept of Radical Trust she introduced in her last blog post for us. This form of trust is fundamental to her vision of the Kaleidoscope Museums, a museum that is, at its core, racially diverse and in which visitors of all backgrounds see themselves reflected in […]

Double Take: The Art of Amalgam and stereo*type*

 In this post The Incluseum highlights the new work of some of Seattle’s industrious artists… *** Two recent exhibits have disrupted the reliability of the first impression.  The artwork prompts a second, longer, deeper look. Right now at Gallery4Culture (until Friday) you can visit Dave Kennedy’s Amalgam and experience a body of work that playfully and concisely draws […]

The Museum as Kaleidoscope

In her last couple posts, our regular contributor Porchia Moore encouraged us to re-think how we speak of and envision diversity and open authority in museums. This month, she shares with us her vision for what she has coined the “Kaleidoscope Museum”, a museum that is, at its core, racially diverse and in which visitors of […]

Shifting Paradigms: The Case for Co-Creation and New Discourses of Participation

After a long break, we’re excited to  host our second blogpost from our regular contributor, Porchia Moore (find her first post here). This month, she discusses the topic of Open Authority in museums with a focus on what this concept might mean for communities of color as visitors. She invites us to think critically about […]