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Whiteness and Museum Education

By Hannah Heller *** A white museum educator is facilitating a conversation about an installation art work, consisting of a group of ten brightly dressed male mannequins with a group of white high school students. The artist has purposefully used patterned textiles in the place of skin color. The students start to describe the figures […]

Museumopolis: Teens Research and Prototype Museums of the Future

We are late to the Museumopolis party!  Museumopolis was a project that brought together 15 New York state public high school teens back in 2013 to ask and research the question “What’s the role of a museum in a city?” The project was part of the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Urban Investigations research and design […]

Cross-Institutional Partnerships: Opportunities for Inclusion

This month, our regular contributor Porchia Moore highlights two collaborative programs carried out by the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina. She proposes that cross-institutional partnerships like the ones described below might hold greater inclusive potential than any single one of these organizations could achieve on its own. Have you ever participated in cross-institutional partnerships? What was […]