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Museums and the Reproduction of Disadvantage

Most of us are well aware that there are a number of barriers to visiting and feeling welcomed in museums. Many of these barriers, however, might be invisible to us as they are deeply rooted in the Western, Euro-centric values and ways-of-being our museums are founded on. Moreover, as staff and community members, we might […]

Paradigms of Publicness Part I: The Case for Social Justice

Last week on our blog we heard from Incluseum blogger nikhil trivedi who wrote about oppression and how work to end oppression is distinctly tied to the goals of museums who wish to serve “everybody.” On The Incluseum blog we often talk about socially inclusive practices that museums can use to combat oppression – reinvest […]

Oppression: A Museum Primer

As some of you know, we recently collaborated with a group of museum bloggers to draft a joint statement about the responsibility we believe museums have to respond the events like those that took place in Ferguson (i.e., police brutality disproportionality targeting Black men, etc.). We then took this statement a step further with a […]

Kerry James Marshall’s Commentary on Museums

This video isn’t new, but is worth re-visiting: You can hear more from Kerry James Marshall here.

Re-thinking Narrative Production in Museums through Digital Storytelling Workshops

The last couple blogpost we published focused on Revealing Queer, an exhibition currently on view at the Museum of Industry and History in Seattle, WA that was spearheaded by Queering the Museum (QTM) and relied on a community-based approach to curation (read: Part 1 and Part 2).  Today, we host Nicole Robert, Doctoral Candidate in Feminist Studies […]