Help us shape the Incluseum in 2013…

Happy New Year from the Incluseum!

Spectators gather to watch the Space Needle’s fireworks in Seattle, WA. (AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo)

We want to start this new year by wishing you peace and light in 2013 and thanking you for either regularly following our blog, checking in once in a while, or randomly finding us. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed running the Incluseum for the last 6 months of 2012 and are exited for what the future holds!

As we move into this new year, we would like to learn more about you! To do so, we have created a questionnaire (see below) that you’ll be able to access via our menu (the “we want to hear from you!” page), and at the bottom of every past and future posts. We are very curious to know what you’re interested in reading about, what you think should be on our radar (socially inclusive examples, literature, etc.), and what tools would help you implement socially inclusive initiatives, etc. We’re also interested in where you’re visiting us from and how you identify your profession, to have a better idea of our audience.


Your answers will be valuable in helping us shape The Incluseum and building community around issues of social inclusion in museums*…so thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Additionally, we would like to ask a few other questions of those of you who visit our site from outside the museum or arts and cultural industries.  If you are a professional working in social or direct services, education, advocacy, or city/state government, for example, we would like to hear from you about what kinds of social inclusion issues you see “bridging” from your work into the realm of arts and cultural institutions. What issues or audiences do you wish museums engaged more? Do you feel that there are entry points to engaging with museums in your work and, if so, why is this (or isn’t this) important to you? Send us a couple thoughts directly at:

And seriously, anything you have on the brain, chances are–we’re interested! If you can’t think of anything at the moment, pass along this request for feedback to friends or co-workers. This information will shape both virtual and real-time responses from us at The Incluseum and our many guest bloggers (our partners in crime!).

Thanks again to the readers, writers and supporters who have made the first 6 months of The Incluseum such a pleasure to be a part of.

Yours Truly,

Rose and Aletheia

*If you are curious about what we mean by “social inclusion in museums,” please refer to our first and second blog posts.

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  1. I love this work! In responding to the questionairre, I provided an incorrect URL for the Flickr Group on museums I curate. Your pics are cordially invited online

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