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About the book: “Inclusion” is a word, a concept, a value, a set of practices, but what should it mean for museum staff and leaders as they envision new ways of being a museum in an emergent future? Museum workers and lovers can use this book as a tool for engaging with “inclusion” anew, and as a terrain for collaborative inquiry and world-building that can help us imagine and realize new potential for museums in the future. Read more about the book on the publisher’s website.

This is the book cover for Transforming Inclusion in Museums: The Power of Collaborative Inquiry. The top of the image is a painting with bright, colorful, interwoven lines, and shapes.  Below is the title, sub-title, and author names.

From “Chapter 1: Introduction” in Transforming Inclusion in Museums: The Power of Collaborative Inquiry by Porchia Moore, Rose Paquet, and Aletheia Wittman, published by Rowman & Littlefield / American Alliance of Museums (AAM), June 2022, ©The Incluseum:

Due to the sheer scale of published content and the temporal distance between entries, it is not immediately apparent to a casual reader or contributor what we have learned from The Incluseum project—until now. And so, a decade later, we look backward, forward, and side to side at what an “insurgent museum project” (Quinn, 2016, p. 11) can tell us about inclusion and the future of museums.

Big ideas from each chapter in Transforming Inclusion in Museums: The Power of Collaborative Inquiry (2022) were illustrated for The Incluseum by Tori Hong / NTX00 Art.

Download a pdf with all five illustrated ideas below.

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