Cheers to new ideas and numerous perspectives!

As the year comes to end, we’re enjoying reflecting on what has happened over the last 12 months… So what have we (The Incluseum) been up to ’round here in 2013?

Here are some highlights:

  • We participated in the Arts and Social Change Symposium and Summit.
  • We were interviewed on our work with the Incluseum by the Quickest Flip for their zine The Quickest Flipest.
  • Rose spoke about self publishing, her own research, and writing with the Incluseum at a panel for the Seattle Emerging Museum Professionals.
  • Aletheia spoke about the Incluseum with other panelists (Anne and Chieko!) for Brian Carter’s class on community engagement and new museum practices at the UW Museology Program.
  • We attended Open Engagement in Portland.
  • Rose attended the Objects Matter conference in Vancouver, BC.
  • We co-edited, and wrote the introduction for, the latest issue of the Journal of Museums and Social Issues.
  • The Incluseum published 35 original blog posts.
  • We worked with 23 guest bloggers!  They are all pretty great.
  • We started organizing with a network of professionals around racial justice as it connects to museums.  We are hoping this exchange continues and grows in 2014!
  • Additional things that will come to fruition in 2014 and that we can’t tell you about yet! Shhh!

Many of you will have the day off today (Jan. 1) so what better way to spend some of that free time then joining us in a little reflection on The Incluseum’s guest writer posts in 2013? (Okay, we can think of lots of fun things to do with that time…but the offer still stands!)

Thank you to everyone who wrote, was interviewed, or supported us in populating The Incluseum blog with such great work in 2013.  The Incluseum is run on passion, curiosity, and lots and lots of tea.  We couldn’t make it happen without all the love and support that is directed our way so… here’s to you!


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