Incluseum featured on Museum Minute’s “Meet a Museum Blogger”!

Thanks to Jamie Glavic and Museum Minute for their feature on the Incluseum, part of the “Meet a Museum Blogger” initiative. This is our reblog of the original post.  Remember to check it out on Museum Minute as well!

Museum Minute

After a month off, Meet a Museum Blogger is back (note: I’m always looking for new bloggers to feature)! I am beyond thrilled to share with you the joint profile of the dynamic duo behind one of my favorite blogs, The Incluseum: Aletheia Wittman & Rose Paquet Kinsley.

Aletheia Wittman received a BA in Art History/Minor Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia and an MA Museology from the University of Washington. Her thesis research reflects on US art museums that identify community engagement and/or social justice as priorities and includes interviews with curators in these museums about how they engage with these priorities.

Rose Paquet Kinsley was born and raised in French-speaking Belgium and received a MA in Museology from the University of Washington, and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Washington’s Information School. She has 6 years of museum work experience, which has included working…

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  1. Patricia Lannes · · Reply

    HI Rose,

    This year AAM is meeting in Seattle and I saw that you are organizing a gathering with anyone interested in the Incluseum. As chair of the Latino Network I would love it if you could come to any of our events. We are having a luncheon with Eduardo Diaz , the Director of the Smithsonian Latino Center as our keynote speaker, a reception Sunday at the Park where we are joining forces with many groups to have a “diversity party” and we will also have a few sessions that address “anything Latino”

    I am not sure when your event is, but if we have no conflicts I will be going, and would love to have you at any or all of ours.



    On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 4:53 PM, the incluseum

  2. Hi Patricia, it’s very nice to hear from you. Thanks for inviting us to the events of the Latino Network, we are honored! Also, thank you for nudging us to set a concrete time and place for our event. Let’s be in touch over email, Aletheia and I would love to attend as many of the events you mention as we can.

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