Towards an Inclusive Museum: California Association of Museums Panel or Roundtable Proposal


Are you a museum educator working towards greater inclusion in your museum? Kate Zankowicz, Museum Educator at the Royal Ontario Museum and regular Incluseum blogger is looking to form a panel on inclusion in museums for the California Association of Museums and is seeking your participation!

Kate: I’m looking for a few collaborators for a panel or roundtable session about building inclusive museums at the California Association of Museums. The conference will take place in San Diego on February 18-20 and the call for proposals is due in mid-June. You can read more about it here.

I would like to create a presentation that will provide museum professionals with holistic strategies for developing inclusion in their institutions.  My work focuses on the history of inclusive museum education in a Canadian context, and I’m a museum educator who creates inclusive programming at the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto). I would like to find collaborators who advocate for inclusion and have developed “best practices”, broadly speaking. This could include pedagogy, staff training, front-of-house experiences, exhibition, interpretation, design etc. We could also create a less formal presentation that could revolve around group learning and sharing knowledge through break-out sessions.

If you are interested, please contact me at

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  1. Kate Zankowicz · · Reply

    Because of this post, four museum professionals who are committed to social inclusion contacted me and we were able to put together a great proposal for the CAM conference next year. Thank you so much for posting this announcement and for bringing us together! Kate

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