Introducing Museum of Impact

We just met Monica Montgomery who is involved with many amazing projects in New York, including the Museum of Impact, a people powered, purpose driven, social justice museum (!!!). Today we’re excited to help promote the Museum of Impact’s first event, a dialogue with New York based activists taking place on 2/16. Tune in to hear more from Monica in the near future.

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The Museum of Impact (MOI), a pop-up social justice museum, is celebrating the change-makers spirit and is shining a light on ‘Movements of the People!’


The Museum of Impact presents: The Movement Is Rising!

An inspiring dialogue with the New Faces of Activism, on Presidents Day in Harlem

2.16.15 – 6:00pm / / ImageNation Raw Space, 2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, NYC.

 As the world faces ever more complex challenges and social issues, the skills and strengths of social justice workers are becoming noble necessities. During Black History Month, the Museum of Impact, will present a dynamic event: ‘The Movement Is Rising!’ highlighting the New Faces of Activism.

We have convened a cadre of activists including: Cherrell Brown, National Organizer with Equal Justice USA, Imani Henry, Organizer with Peoples Power Assembly, Zellie Imani, Blogger with Black Culture, Carmen Perez Executive Director of The Gathering for Justice and Dante Barry, the Executive Director of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, for a lively dialogue with the local community, discussing the cause and effect of human rights abuses, the violence against black bodies, protests, die-in’s and how everyday people can get involved with these movements.

The talents and achievements of these activists, in this critical time have earned them a permanent spot in history. The rash of murders perpetrated against people of color, peppering current events, in the wake of Staten Island, Ferguson, Florida and beyond, inspired the forthcoming exhibit #MovementIsRising, launching Memorial Weekend in May 2015 at the Museum of Impact, pop up in Harlem. The exhibit activates empathy and righteous indignation around violence towards people of color. We are intimately connecting unonventional audiences with the wider struggle for justice and the urgency of social change.  Most of us would do something if we could and we can! #MovementIsRising returns us to our humanity, shining a light on the recent rash of social unrest and the bravery and brilliance of new leaders in the movement, fighting for justice, equity and reform in the face of tall challenges.

The Museum of Impact (MOI) is a people powered, community minded social justice museum, exploring activism, altruism and advocacy thru a creative lens. We celebrate movements of the people; offering a culturally conscious space to encounter ideas, contemplate solutions, pursue justice, engage each other and take action! We remix the museum experience, turning typical audiences into ‘Upstanders’ by encouraging tolerance, solutions and empathy among people of all perspectives. Our exhibitions are intended to spark dialogue and debate; encouraging purposeful reflection and reconsideration. Through unique programming, innovative exhibitions and educational opportunities; We aim to inspire all in our sphere of influence to ‘Hear. Care. Act!’

To volunteer, partner, suggest exhibit themes or support our work – get in touch with our team:

The Movement is Rising / #MovementIsRising

2.16.15 – 6:00pm /

ImageNation Raw Space, 2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, NYC.

Media Contact: Monica Montgomery: / Find us on Facebook & Twitter:

About the Founder:

Monica O. Montgomery is a cultural entrepreneur curating media and museums to enhance creativity and community uplift. She is a woman of color, a museum anarchist and a community minded Brooklyn native. She is committed to partnering with grassroots groups and employing people of color and local talent.

She is remixing the museum experience by activating cultural institutions as spaces in the service of society. She believes museums are cultural learning labs that have the potential to ignite audiences’ minds, hearts and actions. She is the Action Director of LatimerNOW at the Lewis Latimer Historic House Museum, a Creative Community Fellow with National Arts Strategies and the Founder & Curator of the Museum of Impact, a social justice wonderland.


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