New Resource for Museums Addressing Migration


Photo Courtesy of New Here Vienna.

This week we were so thrilled to hear about the new Blog, Museums and Migration, devoted to “Experiences, ideas and practices regarding migration and the refugee crisis,” and founded by Anna Chiara Cimoli and Maria Vlachou. They have issued a call on the blog for contributions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugese, which can be submitted directly to museumsandmigration[at] In their own words, here is a bit more about their project:

How have museums reacted in the last years to migration? Have they silently observed from the “outside” (if there is an outside) or taken part in the debate, invited specialists, curated exhibitions, invented new forms of mediation, re-written their texts, created space for inclusion, co-designed with the protagonists?

More and more museums are interested in the current debate about migration and its latest epiphany, the so-called “refugees crisis”: there is a proliferation of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops.

Through this blog we want to document this richness, mainly at European scale (but not only). We want to question the role of museums, their agency, their activism or rather their silence. Despite our personal committment in the field, we try to do it without any parti pris or ideology.

It is inspiring to see this cross-national dialogue emerging from the museum field in Europe. Congrats Anna and Maria!

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