A Statement, A Commitment

I posted the following to Facebook for The Incluseum on November 9, 2016 at 11:30am (original post here.) It was important that this statement also be permanently available here on the Incluseum blog. – Aletheia

This post is to acknowledge the fear, anger, mourning and disillusionment that is reverberating in our nation and, needless to say, the Incluseum community today. The Incluseum, an idea/space that many of us are working to actualize in our varied locations and contexts, should be a space that has room for us to mourn, gather, organize and be affirmed in times such as these. We are familiar with threats to the process of radical institutional reinvention. We know the push-back to change that centers the experiences and well-being of individuals of marginalized racial, ethnic, ability, gender, and class identities. So, today we renew our commitment to the work of advancing inclusion in museums and to you. Yes, you.



  1. Incluseum colleagues, I can only echo these sentiments myself. Like so many, I am shaken as we look toward four years of a white supremacist presidency. I am eager to find paths to solidarity with those who are most in danger because of the new administration and I am in need of professional solidarity that confirms my need to continue my own work, which has been seeming futile this week. Thank you, Incluseum, for all that you do.

  2. Thank YOU, Elena! Professional solidarity is so important. We are hoping that you have found more solidarity in colleagues in recent weeks. Please reach out directly if ever we can help with searches for additional resources!

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