MASS Action 2017 Convening

MASS Action Mia

A work group discussion at the Convening of MASS Action Contributors in 2016.

In 2015 we were invited to join a committee brought together by Elisabeth Callihan and Karleen Gardner of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Elisabeth and Karleen were asking big questions about inclusion and the capacity of the museum field to truly respond to the most urgent of issues facing communities locally and across the country. Even more importantly they wanted this conversation to be shaped with a group of 7 advisors and to result in action. BIG action.

The conversation has now grown to over 50 direct contributors from around the country who have laid the foundation for a convening this Fall: MASS Action 2017. This convening is open to museum practitioners around the country who apply to attend. The deadline for museums to apply is August 1.

The convening is about sharing concrete tools generated by a broad collective of contributors as well as the theory that it is grounded in – ranging from the frameworks of racial equity to decolonization. It is also about organizing and building power for change across our field; finding partners and a community for this work.

The Incluseum whole heartedly endorses this convening. We can speak to the time, expertise, effort, intention, persistence and love that has been channeled into this project. Attend the convening, recommend it to your museum colleagues or share widely amongst your networks. The hashtag is #MASSActionMia and you can find more info at the website,

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