FWD: Museums Journal | The Latest and Upcoming Issues

Have you had a chance to read Issue 1 or 2 of the Fwd: Museums Journal?  In their own words, here is their mission:

Recognizing the need to critically transform museums, Fwd: Museums strives to create a space for challenging, critiquing, and imagining alternative modes of thinking and production within and outside of museums. This journal is produced by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Museum and Exhibition Studies Program.


Beyond the intentional focus on transformation in museums, one of the best things about the Journal, in my opinion, is that it mixes media; inviting a wide range of creative expression. On the pages you will find everything from visual art to poetry to prose to book reviews to exhibit reviews.

I was thrilled to get to publish a piece I (Aletheia) wrote – “Expanding Care: Curation in the Age of Engagement” – in the latest 2017 issue titled, Small. The piece is reflective of personal experience and my ongoing engagement with the Incluseum, as well as a chance for me to link previous research to my evolving understanding of what curation is and can be. Thankfully, the piece was stewarded via editorial support from Rose and the Fwd: Museums team. And, many will be familiar with the case studies and individuals whose work I highlight throughout the piece – though, really, there are so many more I wish I could have discussed in depth. There is a lot to be inspired by right now and “Expanding Care” is an effort to share all the different sources that push me, and that I witness pushing others, to shift the foundations and expectations for what museum work and experiences are in our near future. I hope you have a chance to read and share your responses with us!

You can find copies for sale here. You can also submit your own writing for consideration to the upcoming 2018 issue, Alien, by the January deadline here.



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