Invitation to Participate in Survey about Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Work in Museums

If you are or have been a museum worker, please consider taking a short, 10-question survey on sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. Results will be used to inform an article we (Aletheia Wittman and nikhil trivedi) are writing now that is inspired by questions that also drove our blog post titled “Gender Equity and Museums.” That post can be read here.

Link to Survey:

Survey responses are anonymous. We chose SurveyMonkey because we felt their platform protects the privacy of respondents greater than tools like Google Forms. We will only share aggregated data in our article. We will not share the dataset of survey responses publicly. If we reference comments entered in free-form fields, we will reference them in aggregated or anonymized ways. You will not be quoted in our article.

If you’re able to, we would love if you could help us share information about the survey to any museum-related email lists you’re a part of. We want those who aren’t using social media to have the opportunity to participate.

Thank you in advance to any colleagues that take the time and choose to share experiences with us. You don’t have to share your story in order for it to be valid. To those that have experienced harrassment and/or assault: We believe you. It wasn’t your fault.



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