#MassActionReadingGroup: Chapter 2

Thanks to all those who participated in today’s Tweetchat of chapter 1! I’m working on archiving the conversation and will share on the blog within the week.

Here we go with chapter 2. We hope you have an enjoyable read and that you will join us for the 05/13 Tweetchat. As always, please feel free to share comments/questions/reflections about the reading in the comments section below.


Moving Toward Internal Transformation: Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Written by Janeen Bryant, Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell, Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, Gretchen Jennings, Joanne Jones-Rizzi

This chapter lays out a framework for internal transformation in museums of Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. It asserts that before any external change can be inspired and initiated between the museum and its visitors, the institution must first enact organizational changes from within. The first step is for museums to acknowledge and examine their historical legacies of Western colonialism that include conquest and occupation, cultural, economic, and political domination, as well as cultural oppression and appropriation. It also means acknowledging legacies of racism that were foundational to the building of this country, and their cultural organizations like museums. All aspects of museum organizational culture from its mission to its board, the staff, its collections, exhibition themes, educational programs, and marketing need to be evaluated in terms of their reinforcement of white privilege and white supremacy. The work of MASS Action is for positive, empowering transformation in museums; to build them as more inclusive and welcoming public spaces for diverse audiences. This work requires museums to confront difficult histories and contemporary issues in the workplace, and encourages them to act on their promises. To invoke social justice, diversity, inclusion, access, equity, community, and public-ness in museums is a commitment to systemic shifts that radically transforms the museum from the inside out.

This week’s downloads and link:

Chapter 2

Worksheet 2

Facilitation Outline 2

Chapter 2 Tweetchat will be held Monday 05/13

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