#MassActionReadingGroup: Chapter 5

Wow, we’re halfway through the Toolkit! Thank you to all of you who’ve been on this journey with us. As we releaser chapter 5 today, we would like to invite you to share feedback with us about the reading group…what else or what more can we do to best facilitate your participation and engagement? What would you like to see more of? You can email your feedback to incluseum@gmail.com.

Happy reading!


Interpretation: Liberating the Narrative

Written by A. Anderson, A. Rogers, E. Potter, E. Cook, K. Gardner, M. Murawski, S. Anila, A. Machida

This chapter begins by discussing the role of interpretation as institutional voice. The authors make the point that interpretation is a system of communicating the museum’s values and narratives to visitors and other stakeholders. The chapter suggests four strategies in advancing and decolonizing institution interpretation: liberating Interpretation, inviting multiple voices, honoring lived experiences, and attending to absences. Each of these strategies involve decentering the institution as the authoritative voice and looking for ways to include the voices of those previously marginalized, oppressed or absent in traditional interpretation.

This week’s downloads and link:

Chapter 5

Worksheet 5

Facilitation Outline 5

Chapter 5 Tweetchat will be held Monday 06/24

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