New project seeks to elevate the experiences of BIPOC museum staff

This week The Incluseum is pleased to share a post about a new project that student and designer, Shuyu Fang, reached out to us about. We have been so glad to learn more about Shuyu’s vision for the project, her desire to hear directly from BIPOC museum staff about their experiences and invite BIPOC staff to shape the final form of an online prototype that visualizes those experiences. Within the growing number of platforms today where we are hearing the stories of, and calls for transformative action, from BIPOC staff in museums—we feel that this project could play an important and critical role.


Hi! I’m Shuyu, a graduate student in the Design for Social Innovation program, at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In our program, we use human-centered design to solve social inequality.

As a woman of color who is invested in museums, I have observed and learned about the unequal experience of museum BIPOC staff.

I‘m currently developing an online prototype to elevate the experience of museum BIPOC staff through design and visualization. We designed a survey to collect your stories, so we look forward to hearing from you, and feel free to share this project with other museum professionals!

You can access the survey form here and contact Shuyu by directing your comments and questions here: sfang8(at) The deadline to submit a survey response is March 20.

This is an image of Shuyu Fang. Shuyu is looking to the left of the frame and standing on a balcony, holding a warm coat. There is water and skyline behind her that is slightly blurred.
Shuyu Fang. Image provided by Shuyu.


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