Tools & Publications

Here we have gathered together several of the tools and articles that the Incluseum has published and/or shared on the blog for use as conversation guides and catalysts as well as group activities. We plan to continue to develop and publish more such tools. What tools would be useful to you in your work? Which Incluseum tools have you already used? We would love to hear your feedback.


Conversation Guide: Activist? Activism? Museums? More info on using this tool here.

Conversation Guide: Who is your museum for? More info on using this tool here.

Conversation Starter: Bringing Self-Examination to the Center of Social Justice Work in Museums.

Group Activity: TABOO: Incluseum Edition. More info on using this tool here.

Planning Guide: Suggestions for Engaging with Homeless Adults.

Article: (Re)Frame: The Case for New Language in the 21st Century Museum.

Article: Inclusion in Museums: A Matter of Social Justice

Metadata Schema: The Incluseum Metadata Schema: Controlled Vocabulary for Tagging.


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