Announcing the MASS Action Accountability Campaign

Today, MASS Action is publicly announcing an Accountability campaign.

We were curious, after the carefully-crafted social media posts were made, and the audience’s responses dutifully monitored and managed, what is happening inside these museums? Are institutions still engaged in the anti-racism solidarity work that they signaled on social media?

With these questions in mind, we launched a campaign exploring how we might narrow the gap between institutional positioning and institutional accountability. Over the past two months, the MASS Action collective has been aggregating data from the 1,088 AAM-accredited museums in the US. [We chose AAM-accredited museums as a starting point, wanting a representative sample of type of museums, geographic area, and budget size.] We have been cataloguing statements made in the wake of the uprising, and in the coming weeks, we will share our framework and points of analysis from this data. Our ultimate goal is to support museums, as public institutions, holding themselves accountable to their publics in their articulated anti-racism work.“

Go to MASS Action’s blog, to read the full introduction to the campaign, “From Statements of Solidarity to Transformative Action and Accountability” and for more details about this important initiative.

The Incluseum is proud to stand with MASS Action and agree that “….it is the time to hold our institutions accountable, through love & radical hope, to anti-racist actions and systemic transformation.“

Follow MASS Action’s newly launched Twitter (@museumaction link here) and Instagram (@museumaction link here) for ongoing updates.


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