MASS Action Analysis and Survey is Live!

A month ago, we shared a post about the launch of MASS Action’s accountability campaign. On Friday MASS Action shared the data, methodology and analysis behind their assessment of over 1000 accredited museum’s racial equity statements and commitments made over the course of this Summer in the midst of our nation’s racial equity uprising. We hope you read the full post, which includes a description of the six-criteria framework that was used to assess museum racial equity statements.

For those new to MASS Action’s work: “MASS Action is a nation-wide collective creating a community of learning and practice and working to create more equitable, racially just practices within our institutions.

Read the post and announcement on the MASS Action blog. And please note that there is also a call to the field to participate in a survey which will collect more nuance and context around individual racial equity statements. You can find the link to the survey here and linked in the blog itself.

For ongoing updates, follow MASS Action on Twitter & Instagram.

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