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“Part memoir, part DEAI-framework”: A new book from author and expert Cecile Shellman to be released next month, February 2022

In this work, Shellman calls on decades of first-hand experience working throughout museums in myriad roles to present challenges facing museums, with a specific focus on the individual and systemic problems within our venerable institutions’ own walls.

So, where are we with cultivating inclusion in our museums? The quest to bridge theory to practice for moving forward

I realize that this Incluseum blogpost comes at an unprecedented AND uncomfortable moment., The current circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic are particularly challenging for the museum field worldwide. Our museums are ‘paused’ and we find ourselves working from home or temporarily furloughed at best. Or else perhaps, museum leaders have to envision restructuring or, at […]

Museum Workers Relief Fund: A Museum Workers Speak Initiative

Dear Community, We want to share a fundraising effort organized by Museum Workers Speak, a collective of activist museum workers interrogating the relationship between museums’ stated commitments to social value and their internal labor practices. We’ve been long-term supporters and partners of Museum Workers Speak (more here). They have created a much needed covid-19 relief fund […]

Equitable Institutional Sustainability in Times of Crisis

What follows is a statement urging museum leaders to keep equity at the forefront of their decisions right now, and outlining rationale and potential strategies behind this call. The statement was written by Elisabeth Callihan and edited by many others involved in the MASS Action (Museum as Site for Social Action) Collective and is endorsed […]

Museopunks Action Recap

By nikhil trivedi *** In the September 2017 episode of Museopunks, we began talking about specific actions men can take to dismantle gender oppression and create more supportive institutions for people of all genders. To finish the thoughts I began on the show, below are four actions we as men—as people who benefit from male […]

We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

A year ago, a group of museum bloggers released a joint statement in response to the events that had taken place in Ferguson and beyond. The statement was accompanied by a Twitter chat that was facilitated by Aleia Brown and Adrianne Russell –#museumrespondtoferguson. They’ve continued to host #museumrespondtoferguson Twitter chats on a regular basis over the last […]

Can We Talk About Money? | Tweetchat Dec. 18

Recently, Nina Simon reached out to Gretchen Jennings and the Incluseum to prompt a discussion about whether we should collaborate on a holiday “gift guide for change” where we all shared a list of radically inclusive projects we would be giving to this year, because, she observed, “museum professionals don’t necessarily put their money where […]

Announcing the Visitors of Color Tumblr

We’re excited to announce the launch of our collaborators Porchia Moore’s and nikhil trivedi’s timely new project: Visitors of Color. Underlying our field’s discussions on “diversity and inclusion” is a desire to serve more members of our local communities, especially those who have been historically (and are still currently) underrepresented among our visitors. These conversations are often devoid […]

Towards an Anti-Oppression Museum Manifesto

Last week, Aletheia and I were in Minneapolis to work on a project we are developing (with a handful of other folks) at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (more on that in the near future). While in town, we got to witness the arrival of the 2015 Museum Network Conference attendees, which included our friend […]


Over the past several months, a handful of Incluseumers have been reflecting on and unifying three topics that are usually treated as separate–the perception of museums as public white spaces, activism within the museum field, and museum employment. Our goal in unifying these three topics is to highlight how they are already inextricably linked and […]