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Feeling Van Gogh – Making Vincent van Gogh’s Art Accessible

Today, we hear from Harma van Uffelen, curator of education at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. She shares about a multi-sensory program that the museum has developed to make the art of Van Gogh more accessible to individuals with visual impairments. *** Feeling Van Gogh is a program developed by the Van Gogh Museum […]

Think/Feel: Towards More Meaningful Encounters with Identity-Based Art

By Ariana Lee *** “[A] landscape can be a place, if explored, or remain a landscape, if simply observed.” – Lucy Lippard, Lure of the Local, 1997   In 1948, my father and mother’s parents immigrated from China and Iran respectively. Although both families had planned to return, they ultimately decided to stay in the […]

Whiteness and Museum Education

By Hannah Heller *** A white museum educator is facilitating a conversation about an installation art work, consisting of a group of ten brightly dressed male mannequins with a group of white high school students. The artist has purposefully used patterned textiles in the place of skin color. The students start to describe the figures […]

The Incluseum’s New Metadata Schema: A Controlled Vocabulary for Tagging

Over the last three years of our work with the Incluseum, we’ve thought, written, and talked extensively of the power of words. For example, our first digital exhibition, The Power of Labeling, used the power of words as its premise. Working through the medium of the blog, however, we became dissatisfied with our ad-hoc and fractured […]

Announcing the Visitors of Color Tumblr

We’re excited to announce the launch of our collaborators Porchia Moore’s and nikhil trivedi’s timely new project: Visitors of Color. Underlying our field’s discussions on “diversity and inclusion” is a desire to serve more members of our local communities, especially those who have been historically (and are still currently) underrepresented among our visitors. These conversations are often devoid […]

Announcing the Department of Inclusion and Community Engagement at the Minnesota Historical Society: Part II

This is Chris Taylor’s second post to the Incluseum about his work creating the Department of Inclusion and Community Engagement at the Minnesota Historical Society. You can read Part I here. You can also access DICE’s Mission, Vision, and Values document here for more detail. What do you think? Do you have something similar at […]

Racial Equity Resources

Our friends at the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative put together a list of selected resources related to racial equity we thought we’d share here. And since we’re on the topic, I would like to recommend The People’s Institute‘s workshop Undoing Institutional Racism to all museum professionals, especially those interested in working […]

4 Steps for Successful Museum Social Work

For over a year, Zac Stocks has been researching social work and the different contexts in which it is practiced by museums. This research was the basis of his recently completed thesis at the University of Washington’s School of Museology.  Before completing his Master’s Degree at UW Zac worked at museums for a number of years and […]

Series on Multiculturalism in Museums on ArtMuseumTeaching.com

Throughout the month of August, ArtMuseumTeaching.com ran a series of blogposts related to the recently published book Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today. We have found the blogposts to be very interesting and wish to give them a boost on the Incluseum. Eggs, Oreos, & Solidarity: MCRP in Our Daily Lives by Melissa Crum, PhD. It’s Not Always […]

Radical Trust

This month, our regular contributor Porchia Moore expands on the concept of Radical Trust she introduced in her last blog post for us. This form of trust is fundamental to her vision of the Kaleidoscope Museums, a museum that is, at its core, racially diverse and in which visitors of all backgrounds see themselves reflected in […]