Opportunities at AAM


Conferences can be both exciting and overwhelming. The first time I attended AAM, I remember having a hard time meeting people to talk and make connections with about what matters most to me, inclusion in museums. This year, in addition to presentation sessions pertaining broadly to the topic, there are several opportunities you can take advantage of:

1. Be a reporter for the Incluseum

We are looking for folks who might be interested in being Incluseum Reporters during the conference. Your mission would be to make connections between what you hear, see, or partake in during the conference and inclusion. How is inclusion being talked or not talked about? What are innovative ways to think about and act towards a more inclusive museum? How can we adopt and adapt other ideas for our inclusive purposes?  The final product would be a blogpost. For more info, you can email us: incluseum@gmail.com

2. Join “Hack Your Hello’s at AAM” on Linkedln

Nina Simon and her colleague Elisa Granata set up a Linkedln group on which you can post a question you are bringing with you at AAM. Through this platform, you can browse others’ questions and connect to those with similar interests.  I just joined the group and am fascinated by the topics people are bringing up. What a great opportunity! You can read more on Nina’s blog.

3. Join us at our Happy Hour

We will be hosting a merry Happy Hour TUESDAY at 6:00 at the historic Diller Room. We hope this will bring together people interested in inclusion and wanting to meet like-minded museo friends.

In addition to the above:

  • Aletheia and I will both be attending the Latino Network Luncheon on Monday at 12:15
  • I’ll be leading a design workshop on inclusion Tuesday from 2:00-3:30 in the Washington Room of the Grand Hyatt (next to the Convention Center). This should be a lot of fun! Please RSVP if you plan on attending: incluseum@gmail.com 

* * * *

Rose Paquet Kinsley is a co-founder of the Incluseum and you can read more about her here.



  1. Kris Johnson · · Reply

    I will be discussing Access Indy in the Emerging Innovators Forum on Tuesday afternoon, and leading the topic of access and inclusion at the Small Museum Table Talks Mon & Tues AM. I’d love to chat with Incluseum staff and readers 🙂

  2. Jamie Glavic · · Reply

    Any chance you’ll be able to attend the #MuseumBlogger gathering? http://museumminute.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/museumblogger-get-together-at-aam2014/

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