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From Collections to Sponsorship: Notes on the Extractive Museum

Thinking about extraction in museums more broadly – from collecting practices to our ongoing complicity in extractive wealth – helps to highlight the significant challenges that lie ahead.

Feeling Van Gogh – Making Vincent van Gogh’s Art Accessible

Today, we hear from Harma van Uffelen, curator of education at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. She shares about a multi-sensory program that the museum has developed to make the art of Van Gogh more accessible to individuals with visual impairments. *** Feeling Van Gogh is a program developed by the Van Gogh Museum […]

Think/Feel: Towards More Meaningful Encounters with Identity-Based Art

By Ariana Lee *** “[A] landscape can be a place, if explored, or remain a landscape, if simply observed.” – Lucy Lippard, Lure of the Local, 1997   In 1948, my father and mother’s parents immigrated from China and Iran respectively. Although both families had planned to return, they ultimately decided to stay in the […]

The Dreamspace Project: A Workbook and Toolkit For Critical Praxis in the American Art Museum PART 3

We are excited to feature the work of Alyssa Machida who has been weaving theory through practice to develop a workbook and toolkit entitled: “The Dreamspace Project: A Workbook and Toolkit for Critical Praxis in the American Art Museum.” In this third blogpost, Alyssa shares a reflection on the most recently completed section of the […]

Whiteness and Museum Education

By Hannah Heller *** A white museum educator is facilitating a conversation about an installation art work, consisting of a group of ten brightly dressed male mannequins with a group of white high school students. The artist has purposefully used patterned textiles in the place of skin color. The students start to describe the figures […]

Letter to Young Museum Professionals of Color or What Transpires on a Long-Haul Career When Confronted with Racism in the Museum

By Radiah Harper *** You know when someone or something has crossed the threshold of your sanity in the workplace. At that moment, you have to make decisions, even when in a senior position. Has there been an irrevocable offense? Is it racism or oppression and intolerable? We ask ourselves, can I afford to quit? […]

University of Washington Museology Discussion Event with Vu Le

We have been following Vu Le’s for awhile now for Le’s candid reflections on fundraising, community engagement best (and worst) practices and much more. We are excited to be co-sponsoring an upcoming discussion lead by Le at the University of Washington and hosted by the UW Museology Program. Judging from the title, this event is one all you Unicorns absolutely […]

Racial Equity Resources

Our friends at the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative put together a list of selected resources related to racial equity we thought we’d share here. And since we’re on the topic, I would like to recommend The People’s Institute‘s workshop Undoing Institutional Racism to all museum professionals, especially those interested in working […]

Museumopolis: Teens Research and Prototype Museums of the Future

We are late to the Museumopolis party!  Museumopolis was a project that brought together 15 New York state public high school teens back in 2013 to ask and research the question “What’s the role of a museum in a city?” The project was part of the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Urban Investigations research and design […]

“Radio Magica Libera Tutti!”: an innovative and inclusive project to guarantee children playful digital accessibility to the artistic heritage of the Veneto region

When I was in Venice a couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Elena Rocco, Assistant Professor at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari. She shared with me her project called Radio Magica, an innovative web radio and digital library for children of all abilities that has recently combined the power of storytelling with […]